Maria Christine Holter (2009)

Christine Gutgsell’s work with textiles and paper

Our first encounter takes place far from the little village of Girlan in Southern Tyrol, where she lives and works. Christine Gutgsell travels with art in her luggage. Carefully, she removes a folded piece of fabric and spreads it out in its full dimension on the floor of the bright Vienna apartment. Another one follows, and another. The colors of the fabrics – terra verde, rose, brown and white – are reflected in the surfaces of the improvised exhibition space, exuding a summery warmth and the scent of damp earth, even in February. It is astonishing how well the textiles fit into the setting of a living and dining area: the original functions of the household linens that Gutgsell has selected as the material of her art become readily apparent, and no further explanation is needed.

The unpacking and spreading out, folding and stowing of the work does not take place in an atmosphere of reverent silence.

Day and Night III, detail (foto: Ivo Corra)Day and Night III, detail (foto: Ivo Corra)